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Yale University
Post-Traumatic Stress Lab

About Us

At Yale University Post-Traumatic Stress Laboratory, our research aims to improve the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by gaining an understanding of the neurobiological, psychological and systemic issues that interface after exposure to trauma.

Questions We Seek to Answer

  • Who is most likely to develop PTSD?

  • What differentiates resiliency from vulnerability?

  • Should we treat PTSD using psychological treatments, medications, or both?

  • Who might develop depression in the aftermath of trauma?

  • How can we improve the current therapeutic options?

Join Our Studies

Neurofeedback allows participants to gain control over their brain's response to stress in real-time using fMRI scans

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Receive up to $790 in compensation!

Let’s Work Together

Call or text us at (203) 936-9322

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